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Data Sharing for Xbox 2/360 - The Return of Cartridges? - Video Games

Data Sharing for Xbox 2/360 - The Return of Cartridges?

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  • but can you use the weapons from game two to game one? I think that’s the point. To be able to replay your old games.

    posted by: Macness · 3/17/05

  • Bluto, I have never heard of a game that changed b/c of its sequel, only the other way around.  If you can, please support your statement with examples.

    Also, no one said that the xbox was a revolutionary console. That’s a bit out of context here. We are all aware of the xbox being smaller PC tower.

    posted by: Macness · 3/17/05

  • Not all of us mod old games…or know how to…

    Jeez, now I’m bored!

    posted by: Macness · 3/17/05

  • That would be great if you could port weapons/characters from prequels & sequels…the possibilities would be incredible.

    posted by: munkyxtc · 3/17/05

  • yeah, i owned all those games!! That was the best! If you plugged in Sonic 1 you would get a slew of those 3d levels (so no improvement to the game itself), Sonic 2 let you play as knuckles for the whole game which was cool because they let you explore with his climbing and gliding ability.  With Sonic 3 though the game was really awesome. It was a continues storyline that allowed you to use Knuckles again. Changing Sonic 3. Sonic and Knuckles was only improved by this game because it allowed you to use the “save” feature on sonic 3 (s&k could not save in stand alone). Also if you got all the chaos emeralds in the sonic 3 then got all the Hyper emeralds you got to be Hyper Sonic! And you got an EXTRA LEVEL if you completed this!

    posted by: Macness · 3/17/05