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Editorial: Sony Bullies Lik-Sang Right Out Of Business - Corporate News, Editorial, Features, Video Games

Editorial: Sony Bullies Lik-Sang Right Out Of Business

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  • Wow, I always knew that Sony was such a huge corporation, and I guess I always kinda turned the other cheek whenever I heard rumours about such actions, but reports like this bullying really turn my stomach, obviously. Why on earth would Sony be so desperate? I like your suggestions concerning marketing tactics in Europe. They seem to make sense, but who knows? Maybe Sony has already tried lowering prices over there. In any event, I imagine that Sony should be thanking Lik-Sang, instead of suing them, for spreading their products. Sony really does not need to establish a fan-base anywhere else, so why not let a few hundred thousand products go for a cheaper price in Europe?

    posted by: Andreux · 10/25/06

  • pfff, Sony Baloney! The only company in the world to make crap products that are always phased out due to stupid formats.  Worst company ever.  I will always hold the highest technical grudge against them for ruining Aiwa.  Sony will always be at the top of my flame list.

    posted by: albundyhere · 10/26/06