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Impress Your LAN Friends: “Piston” Cylindrical SFF Case - PC / Laptop

Impress Your LAN Friends: “Piston” Cylindrical SFF Case

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  • I see the box.net promotion.  Can I can my free account?  Thanks 😊

    posted by: TheMetsAreBad · 3/14/05

  • The funny thing is I think you’d get laughed at, at a LAN party.  The few LANs I’ve been to people had such budget ghetto rigs.  I mean I saw more than one held together with duct tape.  Its all about whats inside and more than that how many dudes heads you blow off :ahhh:  :ahhh:  :ahhh:

    posted by: Wolfeman · 3/14/05

  • Sweet doesn’t even begin to explain how awesome this thing is.  I’d throw down the cash…....if I had it.

    posted by: snortin_php · 3/15/05