On Gear Live: Tidal Force Wave 5 headphones review

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  • I think the speakers look so cool. I am gonna get those :D

    posted by: gohan_bcc1 · 3/11/05

  • I’m not sure that I understand how you could possibly use the PSP with the speakers attached to the sides like that. You’d have to reach around the speakers to get to the buttons.

    I will admit that the look for them is great, though. They seem to fit well with the overall color and design of the PSP.

    posted by: golfingtigger · 3/11/05

  • I think the speakers are for when your not playing games. For the music, movies and such.

    posted by: gohan_bcc1 · 3/11/05

  • The glare screen is definately a must have.

    posted by: munkyxtc · 3/11/05

  • I want the protetor to. Looks pretty nice.

    posted by: gohan_bcc1 · 3/12/05

  • Yeah but it looks half decent.

    posted by: gohan_bcc1 · 3/15/05