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Samsung 7-Megapixel SCH-V770 Camera Phone - Cameras, Smartphones

Samsung 7-Megapixel SCH-V770 Camera Phone

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  • Doesn’t this defeat the purpose of a camera phone?

    posted by: Wyzt · 3/9/05

  • Who the heck would just carry around the optical lens around like that? Thought the whole purpose of a camera phone was it suppose to be small and compact and one in one

    posted by: snak3y3z1001 · 3/10/05

  • Yeah, that’s pretty much overkill.  7mp!?

    posted by: snortin_php · 3/10/05

  • LOL! Imagine what people will look like if the telephoto adapter is stuck and they cant get it off…and there is a call coming in…LMAO!!! haha!!!
    And yes, 2 whole pictures can be stored on that resolution.  Of course the pictures are going to be alot better than other camera phones whose pictures turn out like looking through a beer bottle after having a 12pack guzzled down.  But I would not expect the pictures to turn out as good as a real 7mp digital camera.

    If this gadget isnt bad, take a look at the retarded Minidisc player/camera

    posted by: albundyhere · 3/11/05