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Wii Launches November 19 For $250 - Corporate News, Video Games

Wii Launches November 19 For $250

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  • I was hoping it would be closer to the $200 mark but figured it would be 250. Not because I’m cheap but just so it will that much better heheh. Ok, yeah, I’m cheap too lol.

    Looking forward to it and excited to see they are including something playable out of the box. Sucks systems stopped shipping with real games and would be nice if they got back in that habbit. Doubt it though.

    posted by: Scilynt · 9/14/06

  • I think the Wii is going to be great.  I could care less about DVD playback—I already have a dvd player and if you don’t already what are you waiting for?  They are like $19 these days…either way it helped keep the cost of the system down.

    If you are a parent looking for a videogame system for a child; or children and all you know is that the systems play games what do you choose : $250; $300; $400; $500; $600?  my guess is it’ll be somewhere in the lower range of those numbers, and I bet the kids will be just as happy.

    posted by: munkyxtc · 9/14/06