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Giveaway: HTC Titan Windows Phone!

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  • Please, I need a nice smartphone in my pocket…

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  • I love the fact that the windows phone is like being on my computer.

    posted by: chaz714 · 12/29/11

  • I think I love mangos & the fact that is runs some awesome apps makes this and awesome HTC phone with Windows 7. Thanks for the opportunity to win Gear Live.  You guys ROCK!!!

    posted by: tweed524 · 12/30/11

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  • Is built can still be adapted to existing htc phones?

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    htc very simple shape and style .. very complete application that can allow users to use it to the fullest

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  • I use to have a phone like this.  I loved it.  That is until it decided to go swimming when I was on a boat fishing.

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  • HTC brings this phone which has windows7 instead of android. I think this will open a new window of windows phone.

    posted by: Al Amin · 10/29/16

  • Yes I want to win the HTC Titan. Thanks for the information.

    posted by: Learns · 11/6/16

  • I had one of them!

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