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50 Cent: Bulletproof - The Game - Video Games

50 Cent: Bulletproof - The Game

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  • so, it sounds like this game ends up with 50 getting shot 9 times.

    posted by: Antman22 · 3/8/05

  • Why nine shots?  A clip on a minigun is essentially infinite with no trace of fitty cent left.

    posted by: albundyhere · 3/8/05

  • HAHAHA….
    so you said go
    around killing people?

    So I’m guessing
    if you get shot more
    than nine times…..you die?
    is that right?

    Dude, you can only take so
    much shots and rap so much
    on the same freakin subjects!!
    Freakin same thing over and over again!

    posted by: C Flo · 10/28/05