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Next Gen Games Pack Big Price Tags - Video Games

Next Gen Games Pack Big Price Tags

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  • And they wonder why people bootleg their #### and emulate it.  I well, sucks to be them.

    posted by: albundyhere · 3/6/05

  • $50 was already too much, im going to mod my next system

    posted by: Reeb · 3/6/05

  • this greater-than-$50 pricepoint is pretty rediculous. they’re going to have a lot of people waiting for when they get on clearance.

    what are we going to see in the next 10 yrs? 100 dollar games?

    posted by: Antman22 · 3/7/05

  • It costs almost $10 to see a movie or $20 -$25 to buy the DVD, that’s only 2 hours of entertainment. I’d say most games provide well over 10-12 hours of game play, making a $50 - $60 price tag actually quite a bargain.

    I don’t know how many times someone has to point this out, but NES and SNES and N64 games all had at least a some of their games priced more than $50 in their days. Factor in inflation from the last 20 years and we’re paying much less for games than we were back then.

    posted by: Brian B · 3/7/05

  • $60 does seem like a lot.  But if all of the graphics look like this then it might be worth it.

    posted by: jackpott · 3/9/05