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Bill Gates To Be Knighted - Misc. Tech

Bill Gates To Be Knighted

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  • lol i could just imagine all these “knights” the queen is making going into battle as knights of the old times used to. oh no look out! its elton john and bill gates! retreat!

    posted by: jigarbov · 3/2/05

  • I agree with jigabarov.  But a knight commander? I dont think so. Not in a million years would I give to to a commoner. I mean Gates is no peasant, but he is not born in nobility in any way. A knight protects its people, Gates protects only his wallet.  Lastly, I highly doubt Gates is Catholic as I assume the Queen will knight him as a Knight of the Cross or Knights Templar. Sad to see the Queen give away an honourable title such as this to a commoner with 0 ethical value.

    posted by: albundyhere · 3/2/05