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JVC Showcases 120Hz Refresh Rate Televisions - HDTV, Home Entertainment

JVC Showcases 120Hz Refresh Rate Televisions

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  • Those TV’s sound amazing. Products like this make me wish that I had more money to spare ($2700 is a bit too expensive for me). I did find it a little disappointing that it’s not 1080p. I think that if LCD TV’s make it to 120 Hz in 1080p, the ultimate in TV will have been achieved (or at least until a new, better TV resolution comes along). I’m really glad that they’re including all those HDMI and component inputs, though. It seems like that’s the way that HDTV’s are starting to go - no more 1 HDMI input TV’s. When I was looking at HDTV’s at the store the other day, it seemed like most of Samsung’s HDTV’s included multiple HDMI ports, as well as a plethora of other inputs. I really hope that other companies follow suit.

    posted by: Admiral_Kirk · 7/3/06

  • the rez is still too low.

    posted by: albundyhere · 7/4/06