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Gear Live Giveaway: Logitech Harmony 676

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  • I have a Sony Wega 27” (got it for free hehe)
    Connected to a DVD player and digital cable box, thats it so far.

    posted by: Reeb · 2/15/05

  • I have a Harmony remote in my living room but would always love another for the bedroom.  They are the easiest remotes to program EVER!!!

    posted by: Wolfeman · 2/15/05

  • Wish you could edit posts.  This remote would go with my 27” Wega, TiVo, Toshiba DVD, XBOX, PS2, and ummmmm can it control Sirius boomboxes?

    posted by: Wolfeman · 2/15/05

  • I would use the Logitech Harmony 676 as a bone for my dog…and to clear away the clutter of remotes that I have now.  It would keep my hands free from having to juggle between 4 different remotes when trying to play a DVD!

    Speaking of which, my living room setup is a Yamaha HTR-5740 with 6.1 surround sound and a 14 year old 28-inch Sony Trinitron.  Talk about upgrades…sheesh!

    P.S. Yes, my T.V is in COLOR.

    posted by: edder · 2/15/05

  • i have a 48 cm (seems im the only one who uses metric) tv that wont even accept remote control input… i guess it could work well for my vcr… i dont have a “sound system” except my tiny stereo double casette player. i guess when you said poor mans you didn’t mean this poor :D such is the life of a student not at home without a job.

    posted by: jigarbov · 2/15/05

  • I have a 50” LCD Projection TV, hooked up to a Panasonic home theatre with a built-in 5 DVD changer. An XBox, and a Panasonic VCR 😊

    Hope I’m gonna win !!!

    posted by: sebring · 2/15/05

  • im lazy, so i spend a lot of time in bed. if i could command my tv, dvd player, etc from my bed, id be a happy panda.

    posted by: Antman22 · 2/15/05

  • I’d use it for my 27” WEGA, my Sony reciever, XBox, crappy VCR, and most importantly with my new laptop.  It’s Avertec with the remote for watching DVD’s and stuff, and I would feel like quite the pimp controlling all my audio/video gear and my lappy with one remote.

    posted by: Buddyroe333 · 2/15/05

  • Actually, I would rigg it to be used on my HTPC using Girder, LCD TV, and my dvd player. Reprogram all the buttons to do what I want it to. No BS here.

    posted by: albundyhere · 2/15/05

  • I got a crap system, but a bunch of things that use remotes.
    Apex 20” flat screen
    Digital Cable Box
    Xbox w/ DVD remote
    PS2 w/ DVD remote
    It certainly sucks having to look for each of them if I’m in need of any of them

    posted by: illwon · 2/15/05

  • I cant believe how PrizeCube is so slow in their shipments, but they have time to promote their website…

    @PrizeCube: Focus on your current customers first…

    posted by: Haxxxess · 2/15/05

  • Well, all I really have to use it on is my TV, DVD Player, and Boombox, lol. Can this thing work with my A/C (i doubt it but oh well)?

    posted by: DMoney24 · 2/16/05