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iDisk II 120X: 8GB USB Flash Drive - Peripherals

iDisk II 120X: 8GB USB Flash Drive

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  • Heh.  Hook up about 4 of these in a RAID…...niiice.

    Seriously though, I love how big these flash drives are getting.  It’s amazing just how much space they’re fitting on them.

    As Falcoboy7 said, “Who needs this much space on a port. drive?”

    I do!  This would be great for backing up all of my movies and music that I have stored on my computer.  It sounds like a winner to me!  All depends on the final price.

    posted by: snortin_php · 2/10/05

  • I want 5.

    posted by: .Chris · 2/10/05

  • transferring 8 gigs worth of stuff on usb 2.0 would take awhile.

    posted by: Antman22 · 2/12/05