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AOL Web Browser Beta - Software

AOL Web Browser Beta

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  • Slow, eh? Bah! I could live without this browser. I installed Opera on another computer of mine just yesterday to test it out. It seems good so far, but I really hate that ad thing!

    I don’t see this browser becoming too popular… unless it has awesome advertising methods..? I know the “up-to-par” Internet user definitely would use this browser :lol: Wonder how the rest of the public will react to it though

    posted by: Andreux · 2/9/05

  • Anything dealing with AOL sucks. =P Overpriced even for dialup and their customer service sucks nuts

    posted by: snak3y3z1001 · 2/9/05

  • Oops, I made a typo. That’s supposed to read “definitely WOULDN’T use this browser”  :red:

    posted by: Andreux · 2/9/05

  • AOL sucks… period

    posted by: emoemodude · 2/9/05

  • AOl sucks

    posted by: Haxxxess · 2/9/05

  • Well, its AOL. strike 1. its based off IE. for me, that’s strike 2 and 3. I’d expect this browser to crash and burn in the next month. If it makes it that far.

    Why base your browser off one that is a resource hog, lacks security, and plain out sucks?  I might of given it some sort of consideration if it was based off firefox. too bad.

    posted by: Antman22 · 2/10/05

  • I’m, without a doubt, going to avoid this one like the plague.  I haven’t used IE in nearly two years, and I’m sure as hell am not going to use an AOL version of it.

    posted by: snortin_php · 2/10/05