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Why Napster To Go Works - Features, Portable Audio / Video

Why Napster To Go Works

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  • I’m with Falcoboy7.  If I can burn the songs to a CD then it would be well worth the 25 bucks!  Anyone know if this is possible?

    posted by: snortin_php · 2/11/05

  • I do see some merit in having a Sat Radio system, but the devices are just too expensive for me at this time.  I wouldn’t mind having a XM or Sirius ready stereo in my car but I won’t until the price drops.

    posted by: snortin_php · 2/11/05

  • $15 a month is just way too much for most people to spend on music. If it’s really $25 (you sure about that falco?), then no freaking way.

    posted by: Brian B · 2/11/05

  • Ron,

    Could you fill us in on the CD thing?  Is it possible to burn these songs to a disc?

    posted by: snortin_php · 2/11/05

  • Sure, Napster-To-Go works, but only if you employ those radio services 😜 Many people still use free P2P clients, and I can guarantee they feel they’re getting the better deal.

    But then, there’s always a better deal for everything somewhere, somehow 😏

    posted by: Andreux · 2/11/05

  • Exactly how does the Ipod, or a CD even, know when the subscription is expired to make the mp3s non fuctional? 

    “The kicker here of course is that since you are subscribing to the content, once you decide to end the subscription everything you downloaded goes away.”

    Please explain how it goes away?  Magic? A rep from Napster breaks into my place and destroys my CD?  Does my entire collection now become illegal? If so, then I am glad that I am not paying for MP3s.  😛

    Once burned to CD-R, it cannot be written to…duh! 😛

    posted by: albundyhere · 2/11/05

  • napster’s DRM stinks, if people pay for something, they want to be able to keep it.

    comparing it to sat radio for playlists, ehhh….i can do that already without napster. the issue with sat radio is not that you can make playlists or whatever, that’s not the function of radio. i can hook up my ipod to my car, o rmake a mp3 cd to play in my car, but i still listen to the radio.
    sat radio is for those who want more than what’s offered in regular radio, and are willing to pay the premium. its for travelers who actually want to be able listen to one station they enjoy, across the country/globe. you ever take a road trip? once you get past a certain limit, whatever radio statio you were once listening too just faded away, and now you’re listening to the yearly farm report. not cool. in addition, its for those that hate hearing countless advertisements on free radio(although i hear some stations are starting to put ads).  those who pay for sat radio have their reasons, and they feel like its worth it to them. those who pay for napster, are paying for something they don’t even get to keep.

    you could try comparing it to cable tv, but even then, you have Tivo and the likes, which allow you to keep the media, and it doesn’t erase if you ever end the subscription, you can just rip the hdd out,lol.

    posted by: Antman22 · 2/12/05

  • The thing i dont like about it is how we cant access the music anymore once our subscrbtion is over. Its like i paid $15 to preview the songs for a month

    posted by: snak3y3z1001 · 2/12/05

  • F that, Napster is a ripoff…

    posted by: Wolfeman · 2/12/05