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Setting Up Wii Wired Internet Connection - Nintendo Wii LAN Adapter

Setting Up Wii Wired Internet Connection

Once you have everything set up with the Datel Wii LAN Adapter, go into your settings and set up a dedicated, separate Wired connection. This allows you to switch back to WiFi for whatever reason.

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Datel Wii LAN Adapter Connectivity Light The Datel LAN Adapter for Nintendo Wii



  • i liked your review on the lan adapter by datel. so i bought one.
    is hooked up everything like the pictures you have posted.
    but i cant get online.
    just error code

    i really want to get online with my wii. this lan adapter does not seem to work.
    do you have any tips or ideas?

    also i have to unplug my computer’s ethernet cable form the modem to plug in the wii lan adapter.
    do i need a new modem?  i use the modem that insight/roadrunner gave to me.
    i have a dell dimension desktop with window vista
    so i cant use the nintendo wifi usb connector.

    do you think i should go wifi?                            im so lost.          please help me.              thank you rebecca

    posted by: rebecca · 7/31/07

  • i have the same problem as what the other comment says above

    posted by: james · 9/15/07

  • What you two folks need is a router. A router will let you hook up multiple devices to your DSL or cable modem, so that you can share the connection between multiple computers and other internet ready devices, such as your Wii. You can pick one up at most any electronics store.

    posted by: Van · 9/16/07

  • Once its all set up it works like a charm. Finally no more disconnects during an intense race of Mario Kart.

    posted by: SmileyXX · 6/11/08

  • i know this may sound like a stupid question, but the computer and the tv in my house are waaaaaay far apart, and i can only get a wired connection. Does the wii have to be connected to a tv to get the internet?

    posted by: A-Star · 3/22/09

  • Nice.

    posted by: HTC · 5/4/16

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