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Why Apple Makes a One Buttoned Mouse - Features, PC / Laptop

Why Apple Makes a One Buttoned Mouse

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  • I use an 8 button mouse. It works for me. That’s all I have to say.

    posted by: Antman22 · 1/29/05

  • Having multibutton mouse is a must for me. I am a intense online FPS player and having a multibutton mouse really helpsout. Having a one button mouse will get me killed much more faster due to the fact i have to let go of the mouse if i wanted to do something like toggle between running/waling or using a 2ndary attck.

    posted by: snak3y3z1001 · 1/29/05

  • I have to dispute the claim that average users don’t know what the right mouse button is for, or even don’t know it exists.

    For most average users, they don’t know any keyboard shortcuts so right clicking to cut, copy, and paste is the only way they know how. I also see tons of these average users with wallpapers from the Internet or folders and folders of saved images from the Web, I wonder how they got there?

    There is no argument for the one-button mouse and to argue in favor of it is pretty ridiculous.

    posted by: Brian B · 1/30/05

  • These arguements just get plain out ludicrous!

    Let folks use what their personal preference is & move on! Sheesh!

    I’m just against companies limiting what consumers want to use as their PERSONAL preference of input device.

    I like a two button trackball & I hate mice! It’s nice that 3rd parties make a wide variety of peripherals. Consumner CHOICE is where it’s at!

    All this arguing just wastes time.

    posted by: BlazeEagle · 9/9/08

  • Are you reading this article? I’ve seen good contributions from both sides.
    Dang, sounds like I’m bashing. I’m not. I’m disagreeing.

    posted by: Sublimination · 11/14/08

  • I don’t have a huge bank of knowledge on this subject, but I will tell you this-
    The idea that two-buttons(plus scrollwheel) is wayyyy to complicated for beginners is a dumb lie. I learned when I was a kid how to work that, and i would absolutely die without it. I use it for more than the internet, i use it when I draw online or on a program, when i game, everything. To me, scroll-wheeling and right-clicking is easy as pie.
    And about ergonomics: I’ve used the one button mouse before, and i don’t see how using two hand to do something I could do with one finger is better. But I didn’t get to use the apple that much, so nyeh…
    And yes…what on earth do you do with 12 buttons? i mean, while this article is about a one-button mouse, it can do the 2-button functions right?), but seriously, 12 BUTTONS?

    posted by: Sublimination · 11/14/08

  • It all boils down to personal preference, the rest is just fluff. Not giving users a choice is quite unfriendly to users.

    The Windows insults clearly illustrates the immaturity level of certain posters

    posted by: BlazeEagle · 2/4/09

  • That sounds VERY aggravating! Is there no 3rd party mouse to remedy the situation?

    posted by: BlazeEagle · 2/6/09