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SIMpill: Remember Your Meds Via SMS - Misc. Tech

SIMpill: Remember Your Meds Via SMS

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  • I have a feeling this is a bad idea.  Say you could hack the system somehow, and you had a family member with a large inheritance.  If they had a loss of memory, you could possibly have the system tell them to take the pills over and over until they ODed.

    But then again, someone like that shouldn’t have a cell phone….

    posted by: snortin_php · 1/26/05

  • I already have somethin to alert me. Its called my mom =P

    posted by: snak3y3z1001 · 1/26/05

  • hacking the system could be an issue, but i guess its a neat feature, we’re all so busy now, never hurts to get an extra reminder. i know sometimes i forget what time i last took medicine, and then i wonder “do i take it now….or later…?”

    posted by: Antman22 · 2/1/05