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Super Bowl 2005 to Use “Turf Cams” - Cameras

Super Bowl 2005 to Use “Turf Cams”

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  • I heard about those cams used in MLB last year. There was one game when some player thought the camera was a distraction so he stomped the crap out of it

    posted by: snak3y3z1001 · 1/19/05

  • ya, i could see all these cameras getting crushed. i guess its better than the “in the paint” cam they used in the nba. personally, i had no desire to see up the shorts of nba players. that’s just me though.

    posted by: Antman22 · 1/19/05

  • Heh.. these cams sure will give a nice view of the field.  Now.. to install them in the mall, preferably near Hollister or Abercrombie =X

    posted by: chicken_smugler · 1/19/05