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Spyware Causes Net Users to Disconnect - Misc. Tech

Spyware Causes Net Users to Disconnect

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  • You know I bet most of the people think like me and you that ads are worthless. Most of the stuff on the no one wants anyhow, its rearely a great idea that you must have. For example Gran Tursimo 4 comes out tomorrow, I have yet to see a commercial for it because people want it. Jamster ringers? On all the time because no one wants it…

    posted by: johnnycash1 · 1/18/05

  • I bet you all those people dont even know how to protect their computers. Probably dont even have a firewall or any AV program running. Its stupid to cut yurself from the interent. Its the age of technology 😉

    posted by: snak3y3z1001 · 1/18/05

  • Yeah.. It is kinda stupid to cut yourself off from the internet just because you get a little spyware here and there.  You probably shouldn’t be going to those sites that give it to ya anyway 😉 .

    posted by: chicken_smugler · 1/18/05

  • I guess no one showed these people firefox 😊

    I’d buy a new computer before ever losing my internet, heh.

    posted by: Antman22 · 1/19/05