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Technology Is Wonderful - When It Works

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  • Wow, great read. Good to hear you weren’t injured or had any real property damage but as you have effectively pointed out, many of use are almost helpless without power lol. I don’t believe I have a wired phone or even a battery powered radio…I doubt I even have enough larger (C/D) batteries to power one if I did have one. Thanks for the enlightenment lol.

    Hope things get back to normal for you guys out there.

    posted by: Scilynt · 3/14/06

  • NO ETA on the return of power to our humble domicile.  It’s strange really the way the power grids are laid out as they seem to meander through the neighberhood.  The neighbors across the street, with their cheerful St. Paddy Day ornaments glowing a sickly green, appear to mock us with their display of excess power.  They’ve had power since the morning after the storm.

    The important thing is that we came through everything a-ok.  The same can’t be said for a lot of people in the area.

    posted by: John Goulden · 3/15/06