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Wicked Lasers Pulsar And Fusion Quick Review Impressions - Accessories, Misc. Tech

Wicked Lasers Pulsar And Fusion Quick Review Impressions

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  • These lasers are frickin’ sick!!!. My friend got the green one, and its like crazy cool. So u can burn plastic with these?? Wouldnt doubt it actually.

    posted by: nabilanwar · 2/28/06

  • Yeah these are damn cool. I don’t have a “wicked laser” but do have a green laser I got a few years back that is pretty damn cool. Green is way brighter than the red lasers and just looks cooler.

    But these wicked lasers are powerful and actually dangerous so don’t think of them as toys. They can burn dark (black) plastic such as electrical tape and you can only imagine what they can do to your eyes if you shine it at yourself, or others.

    They are pretty expensive as well which is probably a good thing…hopefully it will keep them out of the hands of kids and such heheh.

    Very cool but not toys 😉

    posted by: Scilynt · 3/1/06

  • Where’s the fun in complying to laws? 😊

    posted by: nabilanwar · 3/1/06

  • Looks like people either love or hate wicked.

    I don’t have an opinion, i just know their prices are more expensive than http://www.dragonlasers.com where i bought my last laser pointer, an awesome 125mW

    posted by: luvlasers · 1/24/07

  • Hi, I live in Europe and want to buy a powerfull laser. I need some online shop that can ship to Europe also 😊


    posted by: Raine · 5/10/08

  • I live in Europe myself, Wickedlasers have been shipped to my house with no problem at all. Your lasers are shipped for $18.99, and there are no other import taxes of any kind, they also get passed customs very easily. I’ve been very happy with my laser pointer, and I would buy more from them.

    PS: use this link for discount (5%), it’s not much, but better than nothing: http://www.wickedlasers.com/index.php?refer=16894

    posted by: Raine · 5/12/08