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Is This The Real Widescreen iPod Video? - Apple, Portable Audio / Video, Rumors

Is This The Real Widescreen iPod Video?

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  • Its the new video ipod or tablet, or a hybrid of both. I’m guaranteeing you this is real. The recent patents and rumors lead to this. And its frm the same source that showed us the iPod 5g before it came out. ITS REAL!!!

    That ‘8’ is actually a ‘B’ in the serial number, which conincides with recent 5g ipod serial numbers.

    There is more than enuff proof that this is real.

    P.S. And Andrew Edwards, whats so wrong about no click wheel? That is why they invented the touchscreen wheel, it must work well, otherwise Apple woudnt have patented it.

    posted by: nabilanwar · 2/24/06

  • My problem is oily fingerprints 😉 I would much rather NOT have to touch the screen of my video device.

    Oh, and it’s ANDRU Edwards 😉

    posted by: Andru Edwards · 2/24/06