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Calling Out Major Nelson: Xbox 360 Supports MP3 But Not Divx? - Features, Music, Software, Video Games

Calling Out Major Nelson: Xbox 360 Supports MP3 But Not Divx?

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  • Wait - how are MP3s used for legitimate purposes much more than Divx files are? Do you know how many video press kits we receive that include a divx format for us to provide to readers?

    Divx and MP3 are in the same boat - they are both non-DRM multimedia files. That’s it. One is for music, and the other is for video.

    One is playable on the Xbox 360, the other isn’t.

    posted by: Andru Edwards · 12/9/05

  • MP3s are often legally bought music? That is far from the truth.

    If Microsoft doesn’t want to support Divx, then they also need to disable MP3 support, opting only for AAC and WMA. Even those can be illegally obtained, but the de facto standard in illegal music is MP3.

    This would be the same stance from the video arena, as they stream WMV and the like.

    By the way, for anyone with a high-definition display, the video streaming is a much stronger selling point than the audio. This post is in regards to the Media Center Extender functionality - not that of simple connecting an MP3 player to the unit.

    posted by: Andru Edwards · 12/9/05