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Remote Buddy Organizes

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  • now that would be of good use. You could keep all your remotes in that and not lose them as easily. And organized to. And if you do lose one push a button to find it, and you can have your drink right next to them to, this would be nice to have.

    posted by: littlebull · 6/26/08

  • I sadly have more remotes than that.  Guess I should invest in a ‘learning’ remote.
    I wonder if they could include a chiller/heater for that cup holder to keep your beverage of choice at that perfect temperature.

    posted by: Ibdabloke · 6/26/08

  • I think that this is really neat for those who have a side table in their living room. Awesome by having all your remotes next to you and you ice cold beer, lol. And also, my dad always loses his remote somewhere in between the cushions of his couch so this would be awesome for him.

    posted by: tzag · 6/26/08

  • That’s reasonably solid, except I have no place to put something like that.

    Sooner or later, I’m just going to drop the ridiculously large dollars for an actual universal remote.

    Until then, I think I’ll continue to lose my remotes.

    posted by: Jason Preston · 6/26/08