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Xbox 360 Omega Bundle Winner

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  • Congrats you lucky SOB raspberry

    posted by: Wolfeman · 11/17/05

  • Congrats Mitch G.!!!

    posted by: PoopsicleBoy · 11/17/05

  • Congrats Mitch

    posted by: kmg9000 · 11/17/05

  • i really wanted to win now i wont get a 360 :(

    posted by: Halo_is_my_friend · 11/17/05

  • I will be officially changing my name to Mitch G. tomorrow. You can contact me for me shipping details ;P

    Heheh, congrats Mitch.

    posted by: Scilynt · 11/18/05

  • Congrats Mitch,
    Hey if you dont want any of the games in your bundle…i would gladly accept and pay shipping



    posted by: soccerchick · 11/18/05

  • Did anyone notice that Mitch G. doesn’t exist. I hope I don’t get banned for this, I really like this site. Andru, what’s going on?

    posted by: yomer · 11/19/05

  • Mitch G. is the person’s actual name. If you don’t see him on the list, it’s because he likely used a username. I just picked one at random and dropped the email. That was the name that was given in the response, minus the last name for privacy reasons.

    posted by: Andru Edwards · 11/19/05

  • Ah well, I’ve never won anything, no dissapointment here, congratulations to the winner though, enjoy it thusly!

    posted by: Revrant · 11/20/05

  • Luck bum! Grtz on teh motherload.

    posted by: Sabu · 11/21/05

  • Whoa! Dude, you won!!

    Have fun with it!! hehehe

    posted by: C Flo · 11/23/05

  • Advice to Mitch, don’t sell it.  I won one in the everytenminutes sweepstakes and I sold it for quick buck.  Now I want it back.  Luckily though I work in the receiving department at meijers so as soon as microsoft decides to send the second shipment I can by another.  not that anyone cares about all of this, just bored.

    posted by: darkside9978 · 11/23/05

  • /\ /\ /\

    i hate u has no life wink

    i entered 317 caps into every 10 minutes and didn’t win that.  entered this, didn’t win.  oh well…. hopefully i’ll have a 360 by january.

    posted by: chris1152 · 11/24/05