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Xbox 360 Omega Bundle Winner

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  • Congrats you lucky SOB 😛

    posted by: Wolfeman · 11/17/05

  • Congrats Mitch G.!!!

    posted by: PoopsicleBoy · 11/17/05

  • Congrats Mitch

    posted by: kmg9000 · 11/17/05

  • i really wanted to win now i wont get a 360 :(

    posted by: Halo_is_my_friend · 11/17/05

  • I will be officially changing my name to Mitch G. tomorrow. You can contact me for me shipping details ;P

    Heheh, congrats Mitch.

    posted by: Scilynt · 11/18/05

  • Congrats Mitch,
    Hey if you dont want any of the games in your bundle…i would gladly accept and pay shipping

    .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


    posted by: soccerchick · 11/18/05

  • Did anyone notice that Mitch G. doesn’t exist. I hope I don’t get banned for this, I really like this site. Andru, what’s going on?

    posted by: yomer · 11/19/05

  • Mitch G. is the person’s actual name. If you don’t see him on the list, it’s because he likely used a username. I just picked one at random and dropped the email. That was the name that was given in the response, minus the last name for privacy reasons.

    posted by: Andru Edwards · 11/19/05

  • Ah well, I’ve never won anything, no dissapointment here, congratulations to the winner though, enjoy it thusly!

    posted by: Revrant · 11/20/05

  • Luck bum! Grtz on teh motherload.

    posted by: Sabu · 11/21/05

  • Whoa! Dude, you won!!

    Have fun with it!! hehehe

    posted by: C Flo · 11/23/05

  • Advice to Mitch, don’t sell it.  I won one in the everytenminutes sweepstakes and I sold it for quick buck.  Now I want it back.  Luckily though I work in the receiving department at meijers so as soon as microsoft decides to send the second shipment I can by another.  not that anyone cares about all of this, just bored.

    posted by: darkside9978 · 11/23/05

  • /\ /\ /\

    i hate u has no life 😉

    i entered 317 caps into every 10 minutes and didn’t win that.  entered this, didn’t win.  oh well…. hopefully i’ll have a 360 by january.

    posted by: chris1152 · 11/24/05