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Internet Charges May Rise to a Whole ‘Nother Level - Broadband, Smartphones, Editorial, Home Entertainment, Internet, Movies

Internet Charges May Rise to a Whole ‘Nother Level

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  • I read an article a while ago where AT&T;stated that in 4 years one family would use the same amount of bandwith that everyone on the internet used today. Saying that the internet as a whole needs to be re-thought out (the equipment used and such)

    Obviously an exageration, but certainly some truth to it.

    So why is a company that has this foresight trying to add expenses onto people, instead of trying to look for a way to solve the problem by optimizing the hardware used and such, like they themselves suggested needed to be done?

    posted by: Envious of my SN · 6/15/08

  • I agree with you. Why is a company with such foresight not attempting to find a solutions: 
    Because they are in the market to make money for the service they provide, and if they have customers that have become accustom to using their service when ever they want. They think that the customer will pay what ever the going rate for that service is.  NOT!

    posted by: kat · 6/15/08

  • Metered internet access will be a PITA. If providers go that way, then they need to block on their end any spam or adds I do not want. Why should I be billed for that junk.
    Just give me an unfiltered pipe to the Internet, keep your bundled addons (homepage/email/shares) and I’ll run my own server(s), thank you.
    If they are going to oversell their services, they need to overbuild their infrastructure too.

    posted by: Ibdabloke · 6/16/08

  • thats so stupid internet is not a big truck its series of tube, i shouldnt have to pay for my useage on the tube becase the internets that go thorught those tubes i cant touch. its untangable. you dont get charged for how much u wach t.v. do you!

    posted by: ClintWestwood · 6/16/08