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AOL Losing 300 Members Per Hour

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  • serves them right… make a better product, and they’ll come back - as for now, you’re pretty much on your last legs

    posted by: benplaut · 11/17/05

  • AOL sucks, it always has sucked, it sucked way back in the day, and it’s kept right on sucking through the millenium, and right to this very moment, has kept the Suck right on track.

    Moderated to hell hyper-conservative chat rules? Check.
    Lack of policy on stopping Spammers? Check.
    Speed(Sarcasm)? Check.
    Value(Double sarcasm) for the price? Check.
    Made for the parental Control Freak? Check.
    Lack of a worthwhile broadband service? Check.

    Why the hell does it even exist? Parents surely can’t be THAT controlling can they? I guess so, why anyone willingly uses AOL is beyond me, it used to be “Z0mg i cayunt fford lyke, DLS, or caybill.” But hell, there’s now faster, more stable Dial Up, for less than HALF the price, so why the hell? You can still chat with AOLers via AIM, so that’s no excuse, I dunno, I just don’t get it.

    posted by: Revrant · 11/17/05

  • Well, I pay $25/month here in canada, eh! for a 3meg line. There are others to choose from but Golden.net has the best newsgroup service period with no caps, no cr@p software, no hassle and 99.9% uptime. Why would I go 1000x slower with lagging software that kills my resources?

    posted by: albundyhere · 11/17/05