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Westinghouse 40-inch HDTV/DVD Combo - HDTV, Home Entertainment, Movies

Westinghouse 40-inch HDTV/DVD Combo

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  • 40 inch i don’t mind, r u giving it free. lol. Its only one comment here before me. shocking.

    posted by: rajiv sharma · 5/31/08

  • Westinghouse makes very good quality LCDs & Plasmas.

    posted by: sushrukh · 6/1/08

  • I was looking for a 19” HDTV/DVD combo a few days ago, and actually was looking at a Westinghouse.  When I looked at it, the picture was fairly good (pretty comparable with the Toshiba) but the Toshiba built-in sound blew the Westinghouse out of the water.  So in my opinion, if you are going to rely on the built-in sound, this is not the company you should be looking at!

    posted by: BuckeyeFanatic25 · 6/1/08

  • HDTV is in my future. I hope it’s sooner than later. This 40 incher look nice. I still have to do a lot of homework.

    posted by: artwdog · 6/4/08