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Movies now purchasable through Apple TV - Apple, Broadband, HDTV, Home Entertainment, Movies

Movies now purchasable through Apple TV

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  • I’m still not sure how popular this is with the average movie watcher. I think however that Apple is still feeling out every possible market place to see if anything works. Some Apple products are obviously more popular than others. Apple TV may take a while to catch on.

    posted by: artwdog · 5/31/08

  • I want one, but now all I need is a Bigger TV

    posted by: 34skyline · 6/1/08

  • Well, I feel like Apple stole the whole idea of an Apple TV from Microsoft… if you all remember Microsoft has had Media Center Extenders for awhile and they have the Xbox Live service where you can download movies or rent them.  The Xbox Live selection is pretty good, but takes awhile to download on my connection.

    posted by: BuckeyeFanatic25 · 6/5/08

  • Apple has taken a great step in providing movies , but i think they may sell the movies fore more cost than what we think.

    posted by: yehah89 · 6/8/08