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Why is Saving the Planet Suddenly In? - Editorial, Science

Why is Saving the Planet Suddenly In?

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  • I think the internet does play a part in this.  The internet has opened a whole world of idea sharing among individuals across country lines.  However, I think the real shift was with the rising gas prices.  That really put the pressure on people to be thinking alternative energy, and if you’re going to break America’s oil addiction, you might as well go with a solution that has zero emissions to save the environment in the process!

    Al Gore also played a role in this… people on the left think he is accurately portraying global warming, while people on the right accuse him of making up facts.  This divisiveness really fueled the debate on global warming, which has shaped our policy initiatives and public opinion at the same time.

    posted by: BuckeyeFanatic25 · 6/6/08