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Can You Get Too Much Tech? - Misc. Tech

Can You Get Too Much Tech?

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  • I agree… for me its part of my every day life, and I do depend on technology to help me accomplish more in a day. 

    Give me liberty, or give me tech!... wait…

    Ah well… good enough. 😉

    posted by: Gavin Choate · 11/3/05

  • the internet gets rid of the mean people in life… seriously, if you don’t like someone, block them!

    thats why when walking around the real world i carry one of these handy mind-altering remote controls, only 10 refs at http://www.yourfreemindremote.com/r0948659178246

    posted by: benplaut · 11/3/05

  • i dont think we have too much tech… we still remember how to live without it (as i experienced last week due to the hurricane).  until we reach a point at which we all die without machines to help us, we’re fine.

    posted by: mattmag · 11/5/05