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Why is Apple stalling Flash on the iPhone? - Apple, Smartphones, Editorial, Handhelds, Rumors, Software

Why is Apple stalling Flash on the iPhone?

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  • Well, those who want Flash on their iPhone don’t want it for website that are fully written in Flash, or that feature Flash intros. it’s more about integration - being able to directly visit a website with a Flash embed, and playing that embed, etc. There are some legitimate, non-annoying uses! 😉

    posted by: Andru Edwards · 3/11/08

  • I doubt the iPhones hardware could support flash, and if it could the quality wouldn’t be that great.  Even on Windows flash is a little buggy and takes some time to load, just imagine how it would be on a mobile device like the iPhone.  If it was successfully added though it would open a whole lot more capabilities for the iPhone.  A lot of web based applications are flash based.

    posted by: SG · 6/7/08