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Can Microsoft Create An iPod Killer? - Portable Audio / Video

Can Microsoft Create An iPod Killer?

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  • I wouldn’t be surprised if they stepped in the ring in the near future.  I bet the media features will be in addition to handheld gaming though.

    posted by: theundertows · 10/23/05

  • Ever tried buying a song on iTunes that wasn’t a DRM’d s*** quality?? OH MY GOD!!!

    Ever tried keeping an iPod intact?? OH MY GOD!!!

    Ever tried buying an iPod for a price comparable to the other more durable, more option packed, longer battery life MP3 players?? OH MY GOD!!!

    Ever taken a look at the Battery Life? OH MY GOD!!! *Stroke*

    I’m getting kind of tired of the Apple Ass Kissing though, Creative makes a superior product, among others, Zen and other MP3 makers products get better by strides with each new generation, the iPod? Baby steps forward.

    posted by: Revrant · 10/23/05

  • Microsoft can create a IPod that would kill Apple and everybody else. If they were dicated to it. Creating the ultimate ipod.

    posted by: Sandman100 · 10/24/05