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MadCatz releases Xbox 360 HDMI Conversion Kit - HDTV, Home Entertainment, Misc. Tech, Video Games

MadCatz releases Xbox 360 HDMI Conversion Kit

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  • first thanks for changing the title! it was a little confusing before.

    next…  all 360s output HD through either the Component cables or a VGA cable.  that being said the only people this would be good for are the ones that bought a 360 before August of 2007.  after this date all 360s come with a HDMI port stock.
    If there are any of the people left whose Pre-08/2007 360 hasn’t red ringed yet, it will, and $80 is better spent getting an arcade with an HDMI built in and the 65nmd processor.

    posted by: INFECTEDPB503 · 2/15/08

  • ^^^... I’ve had my 360 for a good 2.5 years (yes it was a launch console)  and it hasn’t red ringed yet…. I treat it right 😉

    This is actually good for those of us who still have the older ones. I can get this at a discounted price, so it’s not THAT steep, what DOES suck however, is the fact that according to THEBITBAG, their review, i will do the upconversion to 1080p on games, but it won’t do it for DVDs, which MadCatz claims it will… that being said if it can’t do my movies, I’d rather just save that money and apply it toward a 2nd 360 I would like… an Elite

    posted by: Raine · 5/20/08

  • trying to imply that the people who have had RROD do not treat their consoles correct? i will let you clarify that before saying more… but you are a very lucky person! you should know that.. and your warranty for the RROD will be up in November so I might look into making it RROD so can get it warrantied or else be prepared to buy another.

    and about the rest…
    might check where you get reviews from..
    The Bit Bag “It ran Assassin’s Creed in full 1080p without a hitch and it looked beautiful.”
    as Assassin’s Creed is not a 1080p game I wonder how he did that??? the 360 does 1080p gaming but there are only a few select titles that do it.

    From what i understand of this product, the 360 thinks that a normal component cable is plugged in… then it converts that analog signal to a digital one for hdmi… it does not do any upconverting so can only output what it gets as input. so movies will only be in 480p unless you have a HD-DVD drive which upscales to 1080p..

    posted by: INFECTEDPB503 · 5/20/08