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Xbox 360 Hands-On Impressions - Video Games

Xbox 360 Hands-On Impressions

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  • I think that the launch lineup is pretty decent. Instead of having one killer app, you get many good games. Of course there might be exceptions for some bad games, but in general I rather have many good releases than one killer app and many mediocre games. Now, If I could get my hands on all of XBOX360’s launch games. I’ll keep on dreaming.

    To the first guy. I bet it will blow you away in more than the graphics way. Just remember to use the Live service too.

    posted by: yomer · 10/20/05

  • I think the Xbox 360 has a pretty good lunch line up. With PDZ, Quake 4, PG3, and Most Wanted. And more That all I really need to hold me off intell Gears of War and Halo 3

    posted by: Sandman100 · 10/24/05