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Proof That Apple Is Definitely Planning A Video Store - Portable Audio / Video, Rumors, Software

Proof That Apple Is Definitely Planning A Video Store

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  • It’s really only a matter of time, it will be a reality at some point…

    posted by: crappy_so_happy · 9/13/05

  • ^^^

    True but with this you can see its coming soon.

    posted by: Wolfeman · 9/13/05

  • An Online music store will be cool, i guess I’m thinking more of what Apple expects us to play them on. If you know what i’m saying *wink**wink*. I’m thinking the ipod video would be an almost simultanious release. Only speculating, but i hope it’s sometime before christmas.

    posted by: J2Duncan · 9/13/05

  • J2Duncan,

    I’m pretty sure apple wants you to use their “Online music store” to fill your iPod.  I’m really not sure how well an Apple branded DAP will work in an already crowded market though.  😉 

    I’m sorry.  I just couldn’t resist.

    posted by: token · 9/13/05

  • “The playlist, “Purchased Music”, now just says “Purchased”.  Hmmmm”

    Yeah, but the iTMS also sells e-books.  That would easily explain that.

    posted by: token · 9/18/05