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Meet Chris Cardinal, Gear Live’s Newest Editor

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  • I’m a mod on GearLive.  Check out the forums (my world).  We should for sure get a big GearLive crew at next years E3…

    posted by: Wolfeman · 9/13/05

  • Hey man! I met you there as well.. If you remember…  I looked like I needed a haircut really bad…  Welcome aboard.

    posted by: Jesse Easley · 9/13/05

  • Jesse, let’s be honest: We were lucky if the others in the Media Room had showered that week, let alone gotten haircuts.

    Yeah, I remember you. You guys sat next to me a bunch of times. I think you had a crush on me, but were just too nervous to say anything. Or you wanted on Gizmodo more. I couldn’t tell which, but it’s very flattering. 😊

    posted by: Chris Cardinal · 9/13/05

  • Welcome, ChrisGearLive :D

    I look forward to more articles to liven up my day 😉

    /me also appreciates Gizmodo’s port to linux 😛


    posted by: benplaut · 9/13/05

  • Welcome to the new world order 😊. What is this “gizmodo” you speak of? I have no need to venture away from GL and I like this rock I live under 😉. heheh.

    It will be nice to have another smartass in the ranks though. So hope you enjoy your stay!

    posted by: Scilynt · 9/14/05