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The Upgrading Game: To Buy or Not to Buy - Features

The Upgrading Game: To Buy or Not to Buy

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  • Please do not donate junk electronics to charities.

    There are several problems:

    1. Assessment time.  Does this hardware work?  It needs to be plugged in and tested.  If it doesn’t work, the time (and cost of labor) is wasted.

    2. Printers without disposables.  If an inkjet printer is donated without an ink cartridge, how to test it?  Buying a new catridge is a risk: if the printer doesn’t work, $30 is wasted.

    3. Legal liability.  Don’t donate computers with illegal software on the hard drive.

    4. Disposal.  If a computer is left on our steps after hours, and it turns out to be defective or unusable, what to do with it?  Throwing a monitor into the trash is hazardous to the environment and, in many places, illegal.

    posted by: Andrew · 11/10/04

  • What you say is right for the most part…except for your typos.

    posted by: greeenpeas · 11/10/04

  • The ipod ear phone user could have got them from an ipod user who didn’t want the earphones anymore.

    posted by: davenull · 11/10/04

  • >> Hide old gear to avoid embarrassment.

    Come on, there’s nothing wrong with mingling headphones. The man is thrifty and should be lauded for his refusal to mindlessly consume.

    posted by: Kevin · 11/10/04