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Reminder: We Are Giving Away $2,000 In Xbox 360 Gear - Announcements, Video Games

Reminder: We Are Giving Away $2,000 In Xbox 360 Gear

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  • The game I’m looking forward to the most would have to be Project Gotham Racing 3, simply because its the best damn Arcade Racing game EVER!  I had loads of fun playing Project Gotham Racing 2, had the best times on Xbox Live with that game. 

    The least game I’m NOT looking forward to would have to be NFL’s Madden 2006.  Reason, I simply don’t like football.  I get bored watching it on TV.  :sick:  😊

    posted by: King s0l0m0n · 9/8/05

  • The game im looking forward to the most is need for speed most wanted, because I have been waiting for a new one to come out for a long time. The game that i dont realy care for is madden 06 because i hate football games .

    posted by: slick_nik85 · 9/9/05

  • ^^^I think they want u to do this on the main contest page. Oh and the Sync magazine is where u register for the site.

    Now for what i was gonna type, lol: This I didnt even see =\, blah im all late now, lol.

    posted by: Creativeness · 9/9/05

  • I can’t wait for the xbox 360 to arrive. The game I want the most right now is gears of war but it doesn’t arrive until march of 2006 but it will be worth the wait.

    posted by: 34skyline · 9/10/05

  • The most thing I like about the bundle is it comes with more stuff, than the core console and the least thing about the bundle is that I don’t have it yet?

    posted by: 34skyline · 9/10/05

  • 1) Which game are you looking forward to the most in this bundle? I am looking forward to playing Tigerwoods 2006 I’m a true golfer so that would be my pick. 
    2) Which game are you looking forward to the least in this bundle? Actually I’m looking forward to playing every game I can get my hands on, game developers usually take alot of time and effort on producing video games so I would like to take my time and effort to play those games.

    posted by: eleung · 11/11/05