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Opening Up The iPod nano - Features, Portable Audio / Video

Opening Up The iPod nano

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  • Oooooh, I want one!!!! 😊

    posted by: crappy_so_happy · 9/8/05

  • It’s nice and all, but I can’t stand that ugly silver backside…

    That’s the whole reason I went and got myself an iPod Mini instead of a regular iPod.

    The shiny silver is too tacky.

    posted by: kalamadea · 9/8/05

  • bah… i thought “opened” meant the insides 😛

    posted by: benplaut · 9/8/05

  • I want one too.  They look so sweet…

    posted by: Wolfeman · 9/8/05

  • Oh, so it looks so fragile!

    posted by: .Chris · 9/8/05

  • This iPod is extremely thin. They should have named it sPod for slim 😊

    posted by: Jluv · 9/9/05

  • I want one for xmas 😉

    posted by: chirurgia · 12/12/05

  • haha, this was posted in 2005, 5 years ago, it looks soooo retro 😊  Great Post

    posted by: galuzyaki · 4/22/10