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Gear Live Omega Giveaway: The $2,000 Gamestop Xbox 360 Bundle

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  • The game I’m most looking forward too thats in the bundle is Perfect Dark.  I played this game alot back when it came out for the n64.  I even had it for my gameboy color, which had very good graphics and gameplay for a gameboy game.  But I can remember spending the day at my freinds house having tournaments competeing with our customized characters seeing who had the current best rank.  I’m hoping the xbox360 lives upto its n64 counterpart.

    The game I am not looking forward in the bundle is Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland.  The first one was groundbreaking and alot of fun.  They keep re-hashing this franchise with wierd and wacky stuff added.  There now just milking the franchise.  I thnk it should have stopped after tony hawk underground.

    posted by: I3roknI3ottle · 9/1/05

  • I don’t have a Sync Mag box in my profile… 😖

    But I am most looking forward to Madden 06 I gotta know if those pics that are out now will be anything like the actual gameplay.

    Least looking forward to Kameo. Mostly because I know nothing about the game and they misspelled Cameo 😛

    posted by: illwon · 9/1/05

  • “The game I’m most looking forward too thats in the bundle is Perfect Dark.  I played this game alot back when it came out for the n64.  I even had it for my gameboy color, which had very good graphics and gameplay for a gameboy game.  But I can remember spending the day at my freinds house having tournaments competeing with our customized characters seeing who had the current best rank.  I’m hoping the xbox360 lives upto its n64 counterpart.”

    You read my mind, me and my friends played that game everyday for an entire summer once… BEST GAME EVER, way better than halo 1 or 2. Cannot wait for PDZ, hope it’s as good as the first.

    posted by: Andrews · 9/1/05

  • The Game I am most looking forward to would be Perfect Dark Zero, I used to play the first one back in tha day with friends for hours and hours without ever getting board… Best game ever made in my opinion.

    The Game I look least look forward to would be Frame City Killer… Because I’ve never herd of it and it doesn’t sound very good.

    By the way, whats the deal with the Sync thing… I’m not really sure what to do with that…

    posted by: Andrews · 9/1/05

  • I have Sync in my profile.

    I’m looking forward to every game!
    I’m not looking forward to nothing!
    I know the previous sentence had stupendously bad syntax!

    Logic: Nothing is better than eternal happiness. A ham sandwich is better than nothing. Therefore, a ham sandwich is better than eternal happiness.

    I will send the rest of my life searching for this so-called “ham-sandwich.”

    Send mustard.

    posted by: Some call me... Tim? · 9/1/05

  • I’m probably looking forward to would probably be Perfect Dark Collector’s Edition. Mainly because I am a huge Perfect Dark fan since it was released on Nintendo 64. It was a great game and I want to see what they have done with it.

    The game I’m least looking forward to would definately be Condemned. First of all, I don’t really like these kind of “thriller” games that move really slow. I do admit that is has some sort of originality going for it, but it just doesn’t please me.

    posted by: who9012 · 9/1/05

  • The game I’m probably looking forward to most is Call of Duty 2.  I love WWII games and this is the best of them all.  From what I saw of the PC version at E3, this game is going to rock.

    The game I’m least excited for is Top Spin 2.  I don’t like real tennis let alone fake tennis.  This game just doesn’t appeal to me at all…

    posted by: Wolfeman · 9/1/05

  • I’ve got to say I’m probably looking forward to Perfect Dark and Call of Duty 2 the most.  Perfect Dark I got for a few bucks a few years back and had lots of fun on N64.  And come on, who doesn’t like COD?

    Least lookin forward to?  Has probably got to be one of the sports games.  Madden is cool so not that one.  I’m not much of a hockey fan so I guess I’m not really gonna play that one much. (NHL 2K6)

    I’m feelin lucky!!!

    posted by: falcoboy7 · 9/1/05

  • I am looking foward to the Need for Speed: Most Wanted game. In the past the Need for Speed series has been in my opion the best blend of arcade and extensive custom-make options. The fun factor and ease of use has always been prevalent in each of the titles. I have high expectations for the up-coming title.

    The game i am least forward to would have to be the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Role playing games aren’t exactly my fancy, and Elder Scrolls games are infamous for be extremely long (even endless). I simply do not see myself dedicating that much time on one game when there is clearly a large variety of launch titles to experiment and well… life i guess. 😊

    I do not have the Sync Mag. box or anywhere to insert my address in the control panel. I would be glad to post it somewhere in my profile or email it to you, if the situation were to arise, because i would of course like to win but not let something like this be the reason I don’t. I would just like to know if I am looking in the correct place?

    posted by: J2Duncan · 9/1/05

  • I’m probably looking forward to the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.  I loved ESIII, wasted way too much of my life on it.

    The game I’m least looking forward to would have to be Kameo.  I’ve seen the pictures, they seem pretty, but it would take something pretty special to get me looking forward to another platformer…

    posted by: Carter · 9/1/05

  • The game i am looking forward to most is of course, PERFECT DARK ZERO.
    If i am allowed to, i would also like to state that i wanna play all the other games as well!

    The game i am least looking forward to honestly is the SPORTS game. i am not a sport guy when it comes to video games.

    p.s. i really like the idea of giving away the omega bundle! i thought the bundle was pointless, but when you decide to give it away….lol….great great idea. Good luck on choosing a winner! whoever wins deserves it!

    posted by: Peg_Leg · 9/1/05

  • I am looking forward to all the games, but specially DOA4…I know it looks similar to the older versions, but that is not a bad thing, and it can only be better….

    I look forward to the least to Condemned, because I’m not into that kind of game…too dark for my taste to be considered entertaining

    posted by: JC · 9/1/05

  • 1.  I am most looking forward to Perfect Dark.  This is mostly because of how hard it rocked on N64, and I’d love to see what a moden version of it would be like.

    2.  I am least looking forward to Tiger Woods 2006.  I do not like golf.  I don’t like watching it, I don’t like hearing about it, and I don’t like playing it.  Something about hitting a ball with a curved stick and then just walking after it and then hitting it again just doesn’t do anything for me.

    posted by: token · 9/1/05

  • Ok there is no sync box in my profile also…

    I’m MOST looking forward to Need for Speed: Most Wanted because I have always loved need for speed games, and with the great graphics of an xbox 360, i’m sure it is going to one hell of a ride 😊

    I’m LEAST looking forward to Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland because I loved the origional Tony hawk pro skater and pro skater 2 but after those, it went downhill…

    posted by: A-rob · 9/1/05

  • 1) Which game are you looking forward to the most in this bundle?
    - The game I’m most looking forward to would probably be Ghost Recon: AW.  It just looks like a really clean game right now, probably one of the top 3 best looking games on the 360 so far.  Top Spin 2 is a close second because the first one was great on XBOX.

    2) Which game are you looking forward to the least in this bundle?
    - Madden 2006 has to be the most meaningless game there. It’s gonna be the XBOX version but with better graphics.  I just hate Madden, viva la 2K!

    posted by: Streaks · 9/1/05

  • 1) Which game are you looking forward to the most in this bundle?
    Perfect Dark Collector’s Edition - I was raised on Rare games and I still have a lot of respect for them. While I was worried about their long time relationship with Nintendo ending I must say I am happy about the potential “less kiddy” image that new rare games might have and best of all having this game in a new console with beefy graphics is going to rock.

    2) Which game are you looking forward to the least in this bundle?
    I would have to say Madden NFL 2006. I’m not really a fan of sports games much. I choose this out of all the other sports games because I suck at football the most :p

    posted by: Korgun · 9/2/05

  • 1) Which game are you looking forward to the most in this bundle?
    I’m most looking forward for Need For Speed: Most Wanted.  I am absolutely in LOVE with NFS games, ever since I played NFS, Porsche Unleashed (GREATEST RACING GAME CREATED!!)  NFS employs smart AI and clearly is an innovator in racing games. 

    2) Which game are you looking forward to the least in this bundle?
    Sad to say, its Tiger Woods 2006.  I am as interested in that game as watching a full game of golf on ESPN =P This type of game just doesn’t interest me - maybe because on my se s700i i have a golf game that i have no idea how to play (so frustrating too).  Well, its just my personal opinion… I’m sure golf lovers would be interested.

    Gearlive this is the best promotion yet!  I hope I win, and if so, Andru you can have the Tiger Woods game =P haha good luck to all!

    posted by: zxvipxz · 9/2/05

  • 1) I’m most looking forward to Quake 4 since I’m an FPS nutjob, and the previews look insane.

    2) Sorry, Tiger….I’m simply not looking forward to your 2006 golf-tacular, as I’ve just never given a rat’s keister about video golf.  :cheese:

    Thanks, Chris and GL, for a smokin’ giveaway!

    posted by: spungehead · 9/2/05

  • 1) I am looking forward to Perfect Dark Collector’s Edition the most in this bundle because i am so happy to see this title return from the dead.  I enjoyed the first Perfect Dark and am looking forward to what this new installment has for us in the series.

    2) The game i am least looking forward to in this bundle is Need for Speed: Most Wanted, beacuse it will not even be a new game.  The game engine has just been revamped for the new system and i have always been diapointed in the gameplay on all the Need for Speed titles.  I am sure this one will live up to the horrible legacy of the privious installments.

    Looking forword to the Sync subscription and the chance to win the 360 bundle givaway.

    posted by: Mad Joker · 9/2/05

  • 1: I am most looking forward to PGR 3, I just hope that it
    s online capabilities don’t suck.

    2: The game I am least looking forward to is Tiger Woods 2006, Isn’t Golf boring enough to watch on tv? why would I want to bore myself with playing it on a tv??

    posted by: schnabel13 · 9/2/05

  • I’m not sure what sync is but i signed up for it hey its free I like free.

    The Game I am most looking forward do is Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion. I was a huge fan of Morrowind & have been waiting for this game since it was announced. I also recently read a preview of Gun & that looks like a possible great game.

    The game I am least looking forward to is ... um who am i kidding i will play all of these that i recognize anyways even tony hawk. For the purposes of my official choice i would say madden. Now i love madden but it seems the game is prone to small upgrades from year to year that coupled with the fact that EA has made it so ESPN cant make a NFL game kinda ticks me off.

    posted by: drvonpow · 9/2/05

  • The game I’m most looking forward to is Frame City Killer.  I saw some to the pics from E3 and the story appears to be action pack and it looks awesome.  The game I’m least looking forward to is NHL 2K6.  I have never been a hockey fan.

    posted by: SmackDz · 9/2/05

  • 1) I’m most looking forward to playing Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.  Besides Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, I was dissatisfied with the lack of RPGs available for the original Xbox.  The pics of Oblivion look amazing.

    2) I’m least excited about NHL 2K6, although I’m sure it’s probably a fun game.  I haven’t played a hockey game since Blades of Steel for the original Nintendo.

    posted by: Sporadicus 3 · 9/2/05

  • 1) The game that I’m most looking forward on playing is NFSMW. I love racing games plus being able to slow time while you’re planning your move just seems incredible to me. This game is a Must Have!!!

    2) The game that I am least looking forward on playing is TW 06’ I’ve never been good at golf and playing TW is going to get me frustrated.

    posted by: Jluv · 9/2/05

  • 1) The game I am most looking forward to is Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.  Finally, an xbox version with downloadable content.  I lost months of my life to the last one.

    2) The game I am least looking forward to is Top Spin 2.  Does anyone play the tennis games?

    posted by: jmurray · 9/2/05

  • I am most looking forward to a lot of the releases, but at the top of my list would be GUN and Dead or Alive 4.  GUN I have been lucky enough to get some insider information from folks that have played and have commented that the game is truly outstanding - also if you are in to the wild west, that surely helps as well.  The screenshots also have done alot to turn me on to the upcoming release. 

    As far as Dead or Alive 4, I have played previous releases of the game, and for me it just rocks, and after seeing the actual game footage Microsoft released of the game - I’m on the edge of my seat for the release.

    I would say for me, since I am not a golf lover, I am least looking forward to Tiger Woods 2006.  Its just a preference.

    Aside from the games, I am just excited about the release of the 360.  I haven’t purchased a game console since the original Game Boy - its been a while.  I have played on friend’s Xboxs, but never got around to buying myself one, and then I started following the 360 news and decided to hold out for it.

    Thanks for holding this contest! Good Luck All!

    posted by: naaronne · 9/2/05

  • I’m looking forward to Elder Scrolls 4.

    I’m least excited for Tony Hawk American Wasteland, it hasn’t changed since Tony Hawk 3.

    I hope I win, because I don’t have the cash to buy one! 😊

    posted by: h3dshot · 9/2/05

  • 1) Which game are you looking forward to the most in this bundle?

    The game I’m most looking forward to is Quake 4 because it’s been awhile since the last game first-person shooter game has been out that I’ve been truly interested in.  If it lives up to the gameplay of the Quake 3 Arena it’s sure to one worth looking forward to.

    2) Which game are you looking forward to the least in this bundle?

    The game that I’m looking forward to least is probably Tiger Woods 2006.  To be honest, I’d rather play sports in real life than play it through a video game.  That’s just me though.

    posted by: kalamadea · 9/2/05

  • First of all, it has to be universally understood that the Dead or Alive series has reigned the fighting genre of video games for the last few years. The graphics and the game play of newer releases in the series continue to transcend its earlier counterparts making Dead or Alive 4 one of the games to watch on the XBOX 360. The development screens at E3 were crisp and the recent footage of actual game play released by Microsoft illustrates an obvious breakthrough in the rendering of real-time graphics.
    Also, the Project Gotham releases on the original XBOX are two of the best racing games available aside from the dynastic stature of the Gran Turismo series on the PS and PS2. Although Project Gotham 2 held little to no significant change from the original Project Gotham, it is going to be exciting to see what Microsoft does with the newly developed power of the XBOX 360.
    Lastly, the announcement of Tiger Woods 2006 and Top Spin 2 just does not seem to rouse any sort of excitement. It feels as if these two games are not going to benefit from any upgrade in system hardware. Seriously, how much can the game really change aside from some improvement in the graphics department. All the golf and tennis games released in the last few years have migrated amongst systems without a need for further development. Honestly, those games were great for XBOX owners who love the sports, but it does not seem to rouse any sort of excitement other than the fact that such games will be available upon the initial release of the XBOX 360.

    posted by: PoorestFish · 9/2/05

  • I’m definitely most looking forward to Perfect Dark Zero.  Perfect Dark was easily one of the best games for the N64.

    I’m least looking forward to Tiger Woods PGA Tour.  Why?  Well, playing a golf video game is only slightly less boring than watching it.

    posted by: cyclorider1 · 9/2/05

  • 1) I’m very excited for Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and Call of Duty 2. The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowing represented one of the best rpg’s I’ve ever played. The feeling of being completely in control and to free-roam was so impressive. Call of Duty and the expansion United Offensive were a breathtaking WWII setting. You felt how intense the situation could become, and loss of a teammate. It’s hard to be motivated by a game to care for the AI, but Call of Duty made me go out of my way to protect my squad. With each screenshot my excitement and anticipation has grown. 

    2) I’m not looking forward to Tiger Woods 2006.  Playing Golf can be very fun, although it has never translated into an enjoyable gaming experience.

    Thanks for sponsoring a contest of this magnitude.

    posted by: abercrom1983 · 9/2/05

  • Hmmm, I think the title I’m most looking forward to is Elder Scrolls IV.  Elder scrolls III was digital crack… this version has to be even better.

    The title I’m least looking forward to is the Tiger Woods 06 golf game.  Boring!

    posted by: wazoo · 9/2/05

  • 1.  the game i am looking forward to most is quake 4.  i have always been a fan of id and the quake series

    2.  the game i am looking for least is tiger woods 06.  i’ve played golf games before and they were all boring.

    posted by: hehehe · 9/2/05

  • 1. Maddan 06, I have seen some of the detail and textures from the movies and cant wait to get in the game to see if it is really that smooth and non glitchy as it seems, It is a step closer looking just like a real football game.

    2. Not looking forward to Call of Duty 2, I have seen my share of WW1 and WW2 FPS and would like to see more morden and future ones like Ghost Recon.

    posted by: hasv · 9/2/05

  • I’d rather have gasoline for my car, as it costs more than this setup.

    posted by: albundyhere · 9/2/05

  • I’m looking forward most to the new Perfect Dark, because I have loved the Perfect Dark series has been great since I first played it on the 64.  I’m least looking forward to either Tiger Woods or Tony Hawk.  Golfing games aren’t entertaining for me at all, and Tony Hawk has been the same game for the entire series.

    posted by: Jack OToole · 9/2/05

  • There are many games out there, but I think that the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is at the top of my list. I’ve spent countless hours adventuring in Morrowind, pouring over a hundred hours or so. I don’t care as much about the graphics so long as it delivers the same effect as its predecessor.

    I love fighting games, but I am least looking forward to Dead or Alive 4. Though I enjoyed 2 and 3, it seems to be the same thing over and over again and also doesn’t look that great compared to other next generation games.

    posted by: PhantomaZero · 9/2/05

  • The game that I’m looking foward to is Top Spin 2. I really liked Top Spin 1 because I really enjoy the style of play it had. And I just enjoy playing tennis games in general.

    I’ve got to say the game I’m not going to be looking to play is the Tiger Wood’s game. Golf games, in my opinion, are boring. There hasn’t been one golf game that has ever caught my attention.

    posted by: johnnycash1 · 9/2/05

  • Well, I for one am have a high honor of owning a very nice gaming PC, it’s no Alienware or Voodoo, but it gets the job done and it plays games rather nicely, HL2, DOOM 3, Far Cry, etc. These games are either out, or coming out for the original Xbox. I no longer have to play watered down versions of these awesome games anymore. What I’d like to do here is focus on the exclusives; the things you can find only on the Xbox, the Xbox 360 of course. Games like PGR3, Perfect Dark Zero, DOA4, and the like.

    So, for my entry into “most anticipated game” for Xbox 360, I’ll go with PGR3.

    I’ve played tons and tons of PGR2. It blew me away how it could effortless stream the best of simulation and arcade racing. You don’t have that “cool kid customization” that everyone seems to be into nowadays, instead you have fast, rip roaring racing with great physics, AI, and tons of awesome cars.

    Now with PGR3, you have something in more fantastic on your hands. With what I’ve heard, it’s disturbingly realistic. Each of the crowd NPCs who watch you as you tear the track in 200+ MPH has a detailed, individual face, fully mapped and rendered in 3D, no paper thin cut outs of the past. Instead, thousands cheer for your victory and demise. The crowd stands up, and beckons at your victory, they crumble and woe in your defeat. They run and scramble when you go through the barriers, the AI for the NPCs, in the stands, alone is brilliant.

    The racing is breakneck. The slowest cars in the game are some of the fastest in the world. Some of the cars you’ll see in this game you’ll never see in real life, but you could never tell the difference unless you really, really tried. Looking at all the detail, the environments, the cars, everything, and it’s the kind of thing that makes you go “What could possibly be next?”

    The thought of a game that has Lamborghinis, Ferraris, AND Porches… that’s exciting. It’s like a racing game should be. There hasn’t been a game like that since NFS: Hot Pursuit II; A time where I believe that exotic sports racing died, in turn for what we know today as “Street Racing Games.” It’s nice to see that the racing games I know and love are coming back and hopefully, they’ll restart everything and will usher in some truly good racing games for the next generation.

    Now, for the game I couldn’t care less about, DOA4.

    The DOA series, as a whole, strikes me in a bad way. The fighting always seemed cheap and clumsy, the characters designs were too, too much, and the fact the game never seems to change in my very honest opinion. DOA3, I got as a gift. I gave it a good try, I really did. It just felt out of place. As a guy who grew up in arcades playing Tekken and Virtua Fighter, DOA just felt… wrong. All wrong.

    DOA4, in my eyes, has changed very, very little from the latest DOA game, DOAU. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m sure the fans love how Itagaki gave them a “special edition” of DOA2 and 1, but it felt even worse than 3. I mean, sure, awesome graphics, but moves were missing, and there wasn’t even a chance to unlock most of the new characters introduced in DOA3.

    But back to DOA4, I really don’t see anything new or innovative. Itagaki talks a lot, but after all the God Hand rubbish from DOAX; I really get sick of hearing from him. At best, the game looks like DOA3 in High-Def. That’s it. New costumes, sure. New characters, sure. But if the costumes are the best unlocks in a game and all the characters have the same structure and face (notice this especially in the females, who all vary in ages but their breasts are all exactly the same.)

    I mean, Ayane, Kasumi, Hayate, Hayabusa, they’re supposed to be ninjas. They do not look Japanese. At all. Likewise, why do you hear two American wrestlers speaking fluent Japanese? Wouldn’t make some sense if the characters had, say, some variety, or some sense of realism, at all?

    I mean, in my opinion, this doesn’t look fitting to be called “Next-Gen.” DOA4 looks like the same old fighter I’ve seen since DOA2, and it does not grab me at all.

    Whether I win this contest or not, it’s fine with me, I feel good with what I have written today, and I thank Gear live for inspiring me to do so.

    Congrats to the winner, and thank whoever reads this, including Gear live.

    -LaserMan, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

    posted by: LaserMan · 9/2/05

  • 1) I’m definately most looking forward to DOA4.  Loved the previous games, team ninja knows what they’re doin’.

    2) Not looking forward to Tiger Woods at all.  I want games to be fun, not a good walk spoiled…

    posted by: jlbrent · 9/2/05

  • 1. I’m looking forward to Oblivion. I’m a fan of Morrowind, and I can’t wait to see what they do with Oblivion and Xbox Live. I hope we’ll be able to run user-created mods. And I’m interested to see what they do with Perfect Dark on Xbox.

    2. Not a fan of DOA. I prefer the intricacies of Tekken, but a fighting game like that probably won’t come around for the Xbox for a while. Unless DOA4 has a bowling game locked away in there somewhere.

    posted by: CaptAmazing · 9/2/05

  • I think i am most excited about Perfect Dark Zero. My friends and I used to play the original(along with Goldeneye of course) in marathon sessions, and it never got old. I still have my N64 just to play those two games.

    Not being a golf enthusiast, i am least looking forward to Tiger Woods 06. Doesn’t that guy have enough money (and a hot swedish model!).

    Thanks for this opportunity!

    posted by: zebwinz · 9/2/05

  • I’m with those who are most excited to play Perfect Dark Zero.  Even though I’m still upset, deep inside, that the series went nowhere on the 64, I’m glad it’s back.  I just hope it doesn’t bite.  Either way - whether it’s a huge success or a giant bomb - I’m excited to watch.

    I’m least excited about Tiger Woods 2006.  The last thing I ever thought while gaming over the past few years was, “What we really need is a next-gen golf sim.”  I’m a bigger fan of Mario Golf and Super Monkey Ball golf than I am of ol’ Tiger.

    Also, no luck with the Sync thing.

    posted by: Henson123 · 9/2/05

  • 1) Perfect Dark is probably one of the best games I have ever played because of it’s natural creativity. I look forward to this exciting sequel.

    2) Tiger Woods 2006, sounds like his wife crying out for more money. Ever since they got married he has been going South. Although I think my Grandpa might enjoy it to look on the bright side.

    posted by: safe · 9/3/05

  • Hello gearlive.com, How are you doing today? well anyways the game I am looking most forward to is defently Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon® 3, that game looks sweet.!!!  and the game that I think will be the most disappointing is “GUN” looks quite crappy, but i would still probaly play it anyways.

    posted by: Assassimon · 9/3/05

  • Can’t help but sign up for a new account for something this big…most looking forward to Elder Scrolls (Gotta love them RPG’s)...and least looking forward to Dead or Alive 4…because I’ve never been any good at fighting games…except clay fighter, of course. 😊

    posted by: BubbaWut · 9/3/05

  • Most excited about:
    Perfect Dark Zero.  I was an absolute fanatic for Goldeneye 007 on N64 so naturally when Perfect Dark was release I was immediately hooked.  There has never been a game before or since PD that has kept me engrossed as long as it did.  My friends and I played PD for at least a year after its release.  I can’t wait to play a next-generation version of this game.

    Least excited about:
    Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved the early Tony Hawk games, but don’t you think it’s been played out a little bit?  Tony Hawk’s Underground offered more of a storyline and some new features, but its replay value was significantly low.  Sure it was fun, but how different from the older titles was it?  I would like to play Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland, but would I buy it?  No.

    posted by: Kryo 11 · 9/3/05

  • Looking forward to the most:
      Perfect Dark Zero, I think that first person shooters just “Rock You Like A Hurricane”!

    Looking forward to the least:
      Madden 2006, Any real gamer knows that 2k sports games make EA games look and play like a 90 year old womans elbow!

    posted by: Driba · 9/3/05

  • Lookin forward to Perfect Dark, Im all about FPS, and the n64 one was fun

    Also to a lesser extent doa4, its not a great fighting game, but still way better then Mortal Kombat, so I’d play doa simply for the online aspect.  But basically a pretty terrible fighting game compared to Soul Calibur/Virtua Fighter/Tekken

    Least looking forward to the two golf games….I mean….golf…..Tiger Woods = the lose

    And I checked my profile in every place 10 times, I had no sync magazine stuffs

    posted by: Wyzt · 9/3/05

  • Not that I have $$$$ to drop on this system BUT the game I’m looking forward the most would be RidgeRacer 6 and the least is NHL 2K6.

    posted by: AJsAWiz · 9/3/05