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Obtrusive AIM Triton Ads - Internet, Software

Obtrusive AIM Triton Ads

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  • Isn’t the name “Triton” not “Tritan”?
    And yes I find Triton disgusting. Although it has some nice features, manily from the guy who created DeadAIM, its a disgusting piece of bloatware. Either way people have tried and e-mailed the people behind Triton and there seems to be no chance of getting the software to be better. I mean who really needs a IMing program that is “High End”?, I’ll tell ya who doesn’t, me.

    The creator of Messenger:Mate said something that really struck me as brilliant. If AIM Triton brags about their great plug in support then why not make things like Talking, Video Chat, Radio , and such available in plug-ins. That’ll save the rest of our computers from running this piece of crap they call the new AIM.

    posted by: johnnycash1 · 8/3/05

  • I hope the add on programs like Messenger:Mate and DeadAIM remove these ads…

    posted by: Wolfeman · 8/3/05