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Why Trustworthy Computing Is A Bad Idea - Corporate News, Features, Mods / Hacks, PC / Laptop

Why Trustworthy Computing Is A Bad Idea

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  • Drakino,

    You are correct and I may have written the article in a misleading way. I don’t think all DRM is bad, just that it can and most often is used incorrectly. I really don’t have that big of a problem with Apple restricting their operating system to their hardware with DRM, I just fear the slippery slope that could follow. Once TCPA is common on many operating systems and over several versions it’s easy to “tighten your grasp” or be forced to by content providers because the capability is there.

    I’m not saying I won’t buy a Intel based Mac with TCPA in it - I’m just saying that I’ve very wary of what this bodes for the future, and if it does get bad I’ll have to look to other solutionms.

    posted by: Sparky · 8/2/05