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Apple’s Digital Media Trinity Coming Soon? - Home Entertainment, Portable Audio / Video

Apple’s Digital Media Trinity Coming Soon?

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  • Bravo Jon for a well thought out commment. I do agree that the market for the video iPod is ripe for the picking given the alternatives out there. The one thing I differ from you on however is how they will enter it. Right now there are a few solutions out there to get short clips - even cell phones with EVDO can stream that kind of thing - what the market needs is a sudden influx of DVD or better quality video in a portable format. Yes the player will be expensive and have to have massive amounts of storage and energy, but think of the power if consumers suddenly can browse 1000’s of movies, pay $5-10 to buy one, and then watch it on the train, at a friends house (via a dongle to their TV), or anywhere they please. Whatever company can offer this Digital Media Trinity first will certainly be in the position Apple is now with the iTunes music store - but for the entire multimedia marketplace.

    posted by: Sparky · 7/19/05