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A Formal Apology To engadget

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  • As an editor here for the past few months, I respect the people in this industry that consistantly provide great public services, engadget being one of them.  I would like to thank Andru for writing this apology and restoring the credibility of Gear Live.  I was shocked when I intially read the post knowing good and well how much Andru actually admires engadget.  I think I speak for most of the editors when I say that we are frequent readers of the site and listeners of their podcasts and love to see what input they have in the technology world.  On behalf of the Gear Live staff, thank you, Andru. You rock!

    posted by: Edwin Soto · 7/15/05

  • As a member of the Gear Live team I also was shocked to see Andru’s comment today on Gear Live. I have a tremendous amount of respect for Engadget as leading technology website know that the entire team here does as well. I am glad he has had a chance to publicly try to set the record straight.  May I offer my personal apologies to Peter and the entire Engadget team I hope that they can forgive a misunderstood and poorly worded statement.

    posted by: Sparky · 7/15/05

  • Like Edwin and Sparky, I also frequent Engadget for great stories, and seeing that comment earlier today caught me off guard.  Many people have a hard time apologizing, not because they still think they are right, but because they are too proud or not willing to admit a mistake.  I’m glad to see Andru is above that behavior.  You’re a good man, Andru!  😊

    posted by: Devin · 7/15/05