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Optimus OLED Keyboard With Customizable Layout - Peripherals

Optimus OLED Keyboard With Customizable Layout

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  • that’s simply one of the hottest pieces of hardware i’ve ever seen

    posted by: J2Duncan · 7/14/05

  • That is so RAD!  I’d love to get one of those…

    posted by: Devin · 7/14/05


    posted by: Wolfeman · 7/14/05

  • That thing is SICK! I want one!

    posted by: illwon · 7/14/05

  • English Translation

    posted by: illwon · 7/14/05

  • Oh…. my ...... lord

    posted by: bayyar · 7/14/05

  • I would buy one in a heart beat if it were out here and I had enough money. Simply the best ide anyone has ever had. This person is going to become so rich.

    posted by: johnnycash1 · 7/14/05

  • http://www.t3.co.uk/news/general/general/strutting_onto_the_keyboard_catwalk

    so its just a prototype. prototype shmototype. who’s starting the petition to have logitech begin mass production of these? i want one…make that five.

    posted by: princessfrozen · 7/14/05

  • I’d give a kidney for that…that is by far the best thing i’ve seen in quite sometime.

    posted by: munkyxtc · 7/14/05

  • ^^^ Way to spoil our fun by making sense… :(

    posted by: illwon · 7/15/05

  • 1. It is costly to make this keyboard. $500 minimum.
    2. The keys are just to small to hold any useful information (imagine writing “Press me to fire, dude”).
      All you need written is fire, whic can definatly fit on    
      a key.
    3. Where do you get power to drive all those screens?
      Battery, or plug it into the wall…....
    4. The most important thing is support from all software vendors like Microsoft etc to provide one common way to draw images (tons of questions related to screen-on-key resolution)
      All you need to do is set up your drivers correctly.
      I can set up keys on my keyboard right now to do  
      whatever I want.
    5. To get really cool keyboard with, for example, animated keys you’ve got to use fast interface (USB 2.0 or Ethernet)
        So? Go ahead and use USB 2.0.
    6. PC software driver for this keyboard is not trivial at all.
        It’s not much more complicated then current
        keyboard software.  You just have to add
        something to control the images.

    posted by: Bootes · 7/15/05

  • lol../.i head these can get expensive

    posted by: jr2304 · 10/28/10