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RK Launcher = Apple Dock For Windows - Software

RK Launcher = Apple Dock For Windows

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  • well i tried out this program and was not satified.

    It does not start with windows and if you close it (on purpose or on mistake) any customizing you do to it will be erased. And if you like to shut down windows like i do (Alt+F4) chances are that you will close out the mac bar. They should make it where it’s not so easy to close where it behaves like a toolbar rather than an app.

    one other thing that bothered me is that you can not drag trash into the recycle bin like you can on a mac.

    On the other had it is highly customizable, looks nice, and brings that sleek mac touch to windows.

    The problems that the mac bar has i seriously hope is a reflection of the project still being in beta. I am interested in seeing this project in it’s final stage.

    posted by: J2Duncan · 7/14/05

  • “if you close it (on purpose or on mistake) any customizing you do to it will be erased”

    Right click on the dock then go to settings>behavior and make sure that “save changes on exit” and save items on exit” are both checked.

    posted by: Devin · 7/14/05

  • I like ObjectDock a lot.  There is a good amount of docklets for it and after a little customization it does way more than I need.  The only crappy part is the drag and drop in the recycle bin.  Otherwise its tight, check out my ride 😊


    posted by: Wolfeman · 7/14/05

  • That looks hot Wolfe! 😊

    One thing that annoys me with RK is the fact the IE is represented as a clock.  I know that’s not a big deal, but it would seem like they would have the “E” logo, something similar to what Wolfe has.  I’d like to see it have an icon for Firefox as well.

    posted by: Devin · 7/14/05

  • I decided to change a few things.  I’m always tinkering with it 😛


    I love the world clock.  Its so kewl 😊

    posted by: Wolfeman · 7/14/05

  • Or how about get all the benfits of both without 1-button mouses…

    posted by: Wolfeman · 7/14/05

  • “try http://www.wincustomize.com , they have a lot of good amount of free goodies to customize with including objectdock.”

    Almost everytime I go to that site the server is overloaded or I get some kind of error. :(

    posted by: Devin · 7/14/05

  • I use flyakity osx and you get the option to choose either object dock or RK launcher, i chose object dock first because it was first on the list to choose! I kept crashing on me for some reason, instead of trying to fix it. i uninstalled the app and choose rklauncher. I love it. I doesn’t close on me and comes up on startup unlike told in these comments. Here’s flyakyte with the rklauncher.


    posted by: Edwin Soto · 7/14/05

  • “And to Devin, you can just drag ā€˜nā€™ drop a shortcut to the bar like FireFox”

    Thanks Snakeeyes!

    I DLed Objectdock to check it out, and at first it kept messing up.  I could run my mouse over the icons and they would grow, but nothing would happen when I clicked them.  I was about to give up, but I decided to uninstall/reinstall once, to give it a chance.  It’s working fine now, but I’ll keep RK Launcher incase OD messes up in the future.  I played with them both, but I like OD options over RK’s.

    The wincustomize site must have been having trouble earlier, because now it’s running smooth.  They’ve got some nice stuff there.  Maybe I’ll post a dektop pic soon.😊

    posted by: Devin · 7/14/05

  • http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v736/dmr182/bg71405.jpg

    O.K. there she is! 😊  I’m really liking Objectdock right now!

    posted by: Devin · 7/14/05