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China Opens Its First Clinic To Combat Internet Addiction - Internet

China Opens Its First Clinic To Combat Internet Addiction

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  • So, whats the cure? I see lots of forms of politcal torture like shock treatments.

    I am failing to understand the addiction. I use a computer at work because someone pays me to. I use a computer at home…well cus the lcd is bigger than my tv, way bigger and its widescreen, which makes it my hdtv, my video center, and my audio center. I also read digital magazines alot that I get from zinio.com since my lcd can swivel to portrait mode. I also read alot on the web much like this site.  I also game on my machine but not as much. So is reading my addiction? or is it gaming? or is it watching tv or listening to music? All I did was centralize my entertainment, yet I could be an addict.

    “patients between the ages of 14 - 24 suffering from nervousness, fear, depression, agitation, and an unwillingness to interact with others.”

    well, I’m just the opposite. I have way too much anger, I dont mind being around people as long as they have something to talk about and are not boring. As for fear, well, everyone has fear. I mean, wouldnt you have fear in the face of a commie thats ready to shock the hell out of you?

    posted by: albundyhere · 7/4/05